Culture & Millennial Leadership

Every successful company needs a strong company culture. When team members and team leaders clearly know the values of the company, the company becomes stronger. When team members relate to these company values, they act according to the company vision. Millennial leadership is about understanding what motivates people. People want their leader to coach, give credit and inspire. A millennial leader is not after an ego-boost but rather creates winning situations for all the team members. A strong company culture and millennial leadership guarantee motivated, high performing teams for your company. Wise-Link will help you to build a strong company culture and coaches your company leaders to become millennial leaders.

Marketing Strategy & Content

A fresh pair of eyes will sharpen your spearhead to improve your company marketing strategy and content. A fresh and current branding, interesting marketing approach and captivating stories make your company more approachable and attractive to your customers. Your customers may be consumers or companies, old or young in spirit – we have got your back! It all begins with knowing you customer, thinking about what resonates to them and then creating the most efficient ways to reach and convince these customers. Wise-Link will help your marketing (department) by things like branding, designing a better website, creating content and taking over Facebook and Instagram marketing. Wise-Link takes your marketing to the next level.

Strategy & Creativity

You need to know where we want to be in order to get there. Taking an outsider to go through the goals and strategies of your company,  may get it all going again for your business! Sometimes it might also be about empowering the existing vision and strategy – however, a boost from outside is often welcome. In the changing digitalizing business environment, creativity is the key to success. Release the inner creativity in you, your teams and your company to improve, make a difference and to stand out. Every business needs to think about new ways to sell in order to survive and grow. Together with you, Wise-Link will get creative and create a clear and effective vision and strategy for your business.

New entrepreneurship

When starting a new business, it might feel like a lot of new things to do and tackle. In order to get it all going smoothly, you might want to spar your business idea with a millennial business coach. To get your business running you might need support with deciding what type of business to establish and how to actually do it. You might have questions on taxes, accounting, legal agreements and contracts. In order to get the money making going you might need help with your business plan, marketing strategy, budgeting and leadership. You might also be after contacts and networking with other entrepreneurs as well as finding the right co-operation partners. Wise-Link gives integrated support to new entrepreneurs.

Wise-Link - Maria Linnavirta


Wise-Link is a Millennial Business Consultancy Company. Wise-Link focuses on Culture & Leadership, Marketing & Content, Strategy and Creativity and gives integrated support to New Entrepreneurs.

Wise-Link is founded and managed by Maria Linnavirta.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your needs. Wise-Link helps businesses in every size. References on request.

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